Are Inversion Liners Long-Lasting?

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    When a customer’s deteriorated pipe requires rehabilitation, one of the foremost concerns is the duration of the procedure. Most customers don’t want to deal with repeated pipe repairs–and rightfully so. That’s why your ability to thoroughly and honestly answer this question is of utmost importance.

    At Masterliner Incorporated, we’re proud of the long lifespan offered by our coated inversion liner products.

    How Long Does a CIPP Liner Last?

    We’ve engineered each CIPP liner to last for at least 50 years. This long life cycle means that the liner will last as long as the rest of a home’s or business’s plumbing system. This will be the only repair to a sewer lateral that your customer will ever need.

    Why Is the Lifespan So Long?

    We use the finest felts in our inversion lining products. These fine felt fibers are fully permeated by the resin. This creates a structure that is impervious to alkaline, acidic, and corrosive materials. It resists the buildup of grease, mineral deposits, and solid particles. The strong felt fibers are also able to resist intrusion from tree roots and the pressure of saturated soil and high water tables.

    How Does Installation Affect the Lifespan of Inversion Liners?

    For more than 30 years, we’ve produced high-quality CIPP liners. We train plumbing contractors on the proper techniques for inversion liner installation. The installation process is fairly easy, but training is required in order to achieve a seamless and successful result on every project.

    Our inversion CIPP liners have a life cycle of half a century, which is the typical lifespan of a residential or commercial plumbing system. Your customers will have confidence that this method of rehabilitating their damaged pipe is the right choice when you use our CIPP liners.

    For more information about the benefits of inversion liners, contact us at Masterliner today!

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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