Lateral Lining Systems: What New Contractors Need to Know

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Lateral Lining Systems: What New Contractors Need to Know

Lateral liners allow contractors to perform structural repairs, spot repairs, or total lateral rehabilitation with ease and precision. Our liner systems are designed for residential laterals measuring from three up to eight inches in diameter.

As a new contractor, here’s what you need to know about Masterliner’s lining solutions!

Know the System’s Components

Lateral liner systems include a liner, coordinating resin, and the equipment to pull the liner into place and cure it. Some liners cure with UV light, while others cure with hot steam. Hydraulic or propane pumps power the puller head and curing equipment.

Start With Evaluation

To achieve great results with a lateral liner, you’ll need to properly evaluate the pipe. A video inspection will reveal essential information about the pipe’s diameter, joins, condition, and length. You’ll need this information to choose the right size, opacity, and flexibility of liner.

Determine Which Liner to Use

There are many types of liners, and each type has a range of thicknesses and works with different resins. For example, our CIPP super flex liner works best on small-diameter pipes.

Prepare the Pipe

Before a CIPP liner tuber can be installed, the pipe must be thoroughly cleaned. You can use your preferred method for pipe cleaning. All grease, sewage, and other obstructions must be removed in order for the liner to form a bond with the pipe.

Achieve a Great Finish

To achieve the perfect end result with lateral lining systems, you’ll need to pick the right closing option for the liner. Options include seam, overlapped tape, and welded. You’ll also need to ensure adequate curing time, which varies by resin, liner thickness, and environmental conditions.

If you’re just getting started with CIPP lining repairs or are merely expanding your services, we’re here to help. At Masterliner, we provide adequate training to new contractors. We also offer thorough product support and guidance.

To learn more, contact us at Masterliner today.

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