The Importance of a Calibration Hose

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When you’re installing liners for trenchless pipe rehabilitation projects, you’ll need a few additional pieces of equipment for a flawless result. One of those items is a calibration hose or tube. At Masterliner, our calibration hoses for CIPP liner installation ensure the success of every project.

Ensure Proper Installation

The features of our calibration hoses ensure proper installation of each CIPP product liner. The hoses navigate one or more 45-degree bends in any type of pipe. As these hoses inflate from three to 18 inches in diameter, they can accommodate both residential and commercial CIPP liner installations.

Complete All Projects

When you’re doing a CIPP installation, you deserve tools and accessories that work with multiple types of resins. Our calibration hoses offer compatibility with epoxy, polyester, silicate, and vinyl ester resins. Use the hoses with ambient, steam, or hot water curing processes. When you get one size of each of our calibration tubes, you can use them repeatedly.

Seamless Results

When using a calibration tube, you’ll achieve a smooth, seamless result with the CIPP lining product. The hoses resist damage from heat, acids, alkaline liquids, grease, fats, and abrasive materials. This ensures a perfect bond between the liner and the pipe. There also won’t be any lines, ridges, bumps, or other faults on the interior side of the liner.

Quick Setup

Every minute in the field counts. Your customers don’t want to wait a long time for plumbing service restoration. Our calibration tubes offer quick setup and rapid inflation times.

Make every project an efficient and successful one by choosing the right equipment and materials. Our CIPP lining products perfectly pair with calibration tubing for a speedy and effective installation process. Contact us at Masterliner today to learn more about the importance of calibration hoses in trenchless repairs.

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