The Key Elements of a Successful Lateral Pipe Lining Application

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    Installing a lateral liner into a damaged, decaying, or otherwise malfunctioning pipe extends its lifespan and provides your customers with excellent value. To complete a successful trenchless pipe rehabilitation with a lateral liner, there are certain key elements you’ll need.

    At Masterliner, we stock quality products and offer expert guidance to ensure that your lateral lining project goes as smoothly as possible.

    Pipe Evaluation

    To ensure a successful result on CIPP lining repairs, you must evaluate the pipe. If the pipe is more than 50% full of standing water, it’s not a good candidate for relining. Tight 90-degree bends, collapsed pipes, and offsets of more than 20 degrees disqualify pipes from the lateral relining process. All other pipes, though, are candidates for this type of repair.

    Pipe Preparation

    Once you know a pipe is a candidate for a CIPP liner tube, it needs to be cleaned. Tree roots, mineral buildup, sewage, and other debris must be removed before the liner can be inserted.

    Accurate Measurements

    The old saying of “measure twice, cut once” applies to installing lateral liners. Consider the stretch of the liner and the number and type of bends in the pipe when taking your measurements.

    Adequate Curing Time

    When you install a super flex liner or any other cured-in-place liner, ensure adequate curing time. The curing time depends on the type of liner, ambient temperature, and air pressure. Once the liner is cured, you can restore water service to the pipe.

    Lateral lining systems allow you to successfully rehabilitate malfunctioning sewer laterals. The result is that you can extend their lifespan by another 50 years. With the right team, liners, and equipment, you’re sure to deliver timely service and excellent results all the time.

    To learn more about the key elements of a successful lateral pipe lining project, reach out to us at Masterliner today!

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