The Main Benefits of Our Coated Inversion Liners

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The Main Benefits of Our Coated Inversion Liners

When you’re in the business of repairing older or damaged pipes, coated inversion liners are a wise choice. Offering inversion liners to your customers allows you to expand your range of services and provide additional value. The inversion lining process is durable, smooth, and efficient when you choose Masterliner’s products.


Inversion CIPP liners withstand all sorts of harsh conditions. They don’t degrade when exposed to acidic, alkaline, corrosive, or other harsh chemicals. They can also withstand extreme heat. They’re resistant against abrasion from tree roots and items in wastewater, which makes them last for decades.


Many older pipe systems have bends, divots, curves, or unusual configurations. An inversion style of CIPP liner accommodates all of these interior structure issues with pipes. The liners can handle an unlimited number of curves or pipe segments. Pipes with junction boxes have historically been difficult to repair. However, an inversion liner makes quick and simple work thanks to the flexibility of the resin before it’s cured with hot air.

Fast Results

Traditional methods of pipe repair require time-consuming excavation. The excavation process is noisy and makes a mess on the customer’s property. It’s also disruptive. Inversion liner installation eliminates all of these problems. All you need is a manhole or similar access point. The liner and equipment to install it have a small footprint. With a curing time of mere hours, you’ll be able to restore full plumbing service to your customers quickly and with minimal disruption.

Using an inversion liner system to repair old pipes is a cost-effective and efficient solution to provide to your customers. Our coated inversion liner products accommodate most domestic and commercial repair needs, and the trenchless application method boosts your productivity. To learn more about how these liners work, reach out to us at Masterliner today.

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As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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