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A wet out facility is a place where fiber filaments are impregnated with thermoplastic resin. It’s part of the pulling and extrusion process of manufacturing liners for pipe rehabilitation. A successful wet-out process results in a liner that is smooth, easy to install, and provides perfect adhesion to the pipe that’s in disrepair. Read on to learn more about Masterliner’s state-of-the-art wet-out facility in Louisiana.

Production of Perfect Liners

In our wet-out facility, we produce filaments of resin that are free of loose fibers or debris. This is important because the coated fibers are able to create an impervious surface. Our resin resists corrosion or damage from alkaline, acidic, or other harsh chemicals. The smooth, coated surfaces won’t accumulate debris that may cause problems during conveying and installation of the wet liners.

Testing for Resin Stability

Our wet-out facility also tests the resin for stability. This ensures that the resin will cure properly during your trenchless rehabilitation project. It also ensures that the resin won’t start to cure if it’s stored or transported in a hot vehicle. We package all the liners in wet bags for convenience.

Development of Ready-to-install Liners

When you use a liner that’s ready to install, you save time in the field. Our ready-to-install liners arrive in a coated to inversion bag. All you need to do is pull it into place.

Custom Sizes

We make custom sizes of CIPP lining products. Choose 3- to 84-inch diameters and up to 20-foot lengths.

By performing wet-out processes on CIPP liners in our impregnation facility, we save you time in the field. Every liner we manufacture in the wet-out facility is fully tested before we ship it. For additional details about the role of a wet-out facility and how we help your business grow, reach out to us at Masterliner today.

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