The Versatility of the Flex Liner

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    When your residential customers need pipe rehabilitation, our Flex liner is a great choice for you to recommend. This affordable method of trenchless repair offers an exceptionally long lifespan, so they’ll never need another repair on that pipe again. No matter what type, condition, location, or season of the year, our versatile liners are sure to deliver excellent results.

    Adaptable to Many Pipe Configurations

    Our Flex liners can negotiate turns in pipe angles with ease. They work in pipes with one or many 45- to 90-degree bends. Unusual configurations are common in older homes and ones where past DIY projects took place. You’ll have no problem installing our versatile liners.

    Easy to Install in Many Conditions

    When you arrive on a job site, muddy soil, extreme temperatures, or precipitation won’t get in the way of the installation process. Our flexible cured-in-place liner can be installed in many environmental conditions. Install them in temperatures as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit or on the hottest day of the year. You can install them on rainy, humid, or foggy days and in other types of inclement weather.

    Wide Range of Applications

    Use our cured-in-place pipe liner to rehabilitate a corroded, cracked, or otherwise damaged sewer pipe in a customer’s home. Our flexible liners also work in sewer laterals. You can use them in any 3- to 8-inch pipe. They come in lengths of 330 feet, so they work for customers with large properties or homes that are located well away from the municipal sewer line.

    Our CIPP flex liner offers the ease and speed of installation as well as the durability that you and your customers desire. These liners stand the test of time, and they can be used on residential pipes in a variety of situations. For more information about our Flex liners, contact us at Masterliner Incorporated.

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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