Wet-Out Facilities: Features and Specifications

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    When you don’t want any delays in the field, using our CIPP wet-out facility is a wise choice. At Masterliner, you get access to a state-of-the-art facility that’s always ready to help you achieve success on your next project.

    Let’s take a look at the features and specifications of our 20-acre wet-out facility and what makes us the right choice for your wet CIPP liners.

    Product Specifications

    In our impregnation facility, we create liners for pipes four to 72 inches in diameter. Choose thicknesses of 2.5 millimeters or thicker. Our rollers are automated, so the thickness is consistent throughout the length and circumference of the liner. Our liners are compatible with filled polyester, non-styrene, polyester, and vinyl ester resins.

    Features of Our Tables

    Our tables facilitate consistent finishes on the wet liners. The resin will be free of wrinkles, dimples, or dents. All liners boast a uniformly smooth texture.

    Customize Your Liners

    Get the exact dimensions of wet bags you need from our facility. We customize the length and thickness of the liner for you, so the liner will perfectly fit into the pipe.

    Made in the USA

    It’s rare to find quality made in USA products today. Our 20-acre Louisiana facility uses nip rollers, tables, and fibers sourced in the USA whenever possible. Our prompt turnaround time for coated to inversion bag means you’ll be able to start your project within mere days of placing your order.

    Save time and ensure perfect results when you use our wet out facility. Our skilled technicians create the liner and prepare it to your specifications. We rapidly deliver it to your location so that you can provide excellent service to your customers. For more details about our wet-out facility or to place an order, reach out to us at Masterliner!

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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