What Makes a Fast Cure Resin Advantageous?

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    What Makes a Fast Cure Resin Advantageous?

    Aging pipes often mean you’ll be in high demand for trenchless repairs. A distinct advantage of CIPP liner resins from Masterliner is their fast curing time. Let’s take a closer look at what makes fast-curing resins advantageous to both you and your customers!

    Prevent Environmental Damage

    Leaking pipes may allow waste, sewage, or chemicals to seep into the soil and groundwater. By using an epoxy resin lining with a fast curing time, you put a stop to the leak. This minimizes the potential for damage to your client’s property and the surrounding area.

    Protect Nearby Structures

    Malfunctioning pipes put nearby structures at risk. The leaks imperil foundations, roads, walls, sidewalks, and underground storage tanks. When you deploy an ambient curing resin with a fast hardening time, you’re also protecting structures in the vicinity of the damaged pipe.

    Restore Service Within Hours

    Customers don’t want to wait any longer than absolutely necessary for their pipes to be fixed. Ambient cure resin has a peak time of less than two hours. This allows you to restore service to the line in less than a day.

    Boost Productivity and Profitability

    No crew wants to wait hours and hours for resin to harden. With our ambient resins, you won’t have to wait for more than one or two hours. Less downtime is good for your plumbing business’s bottom line. Your clients will also benefit from the lower labor costs of trenchless repairs with fast-cure resins.

    A fast cure resin fully cures in less than an hour. This means that you’ll be able to finish the project and move on to the next client with minimal downtime. Using these fast-curing resins allows you to provide excellent service to all of your residential and commercial clients.

    For product specifications or additional information, contact us at Masterliner today!

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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