What Makes Coated Inversion Liners the Better Choice

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    As America’s plumbing infrastructure ages, plumbing companies across the country are stepping up to offer essential repairs and rehabilitation of failing pipes. To provide exemplary customer care and serve all of the home and business owners who need pipe rehabilitation, Masterliner has created durable and long-lasting coated inversion liners.

    Knowing why a coated inversion liner is the best choice will help you deliver the best possible service to all of your customers.

    Withstand Extreme Conditions

    Inversion lining systems like Masterliner’s can withstand extreme conditions. Commercial, industrial and residential property owners may flush steaming-hot fluids into the sewer. With a melting point of 494 degrees Fahrenheit, even boiling water won’t damage these liners. They also hold up to extreme pH levels, fatty and oily substances, abrasive materials, and pressure from tree roots or shifting soil.

    Accommodate Unusual Pipes

    In older neighborhoods, homes and buildings may have unusual plumbing configurations. Pipes may bend or curve multiple times. Junction boxes and narrow joins can also impact pipe repairs. A CIPP liner accommodates all of these issues without affecting the performance, endurance, or lifespan of the rehabilitated pipe.

    Rapid Restoration of Service

    Unlike traditional methods of pipe replacement that require extensive excavation and days to complete, trenchless inversion liner installation can typically be done in less than one day. This results in a complete restoration of a fully functional plumbing system. Your customers can return to their usual activities with minimal disruption of their property.

    CIPP liners provide decades of reliable service in all sizes and types of pipes. Their ability to withstand abrasion, exposure to corrosive materials, and extreme temperatures makes them the top choice for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

    With all those benefits and more, it’s plain to see why coated inversion liners are the better choice. Contact us at Masterliner today to learn more about the advantages of inversion CIPP liners!

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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