What to Look For in a Calibration Hose: Do You Have The Right One?

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    Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is a cost-effective and speedy solution for repairing malfunctioning and damaged pipes. When using cured-in-place-pipe liners, a calibration hose ensures that the liner is in the correct position and keeps it in place until the completion of the curing process.

    These tips from our team at Masterliner will help you know what to look for when choosing from the range of available calibration hoses.


    If you’re using a type of resin that requires UV light for curing, you’ll need translucent calibration tubing for the CIPP installation. For example, vinylester resin uses UV curing methods, which are quick, but the resin is prone to shrinkage. The right tube minimizes shrinkage and warping. For epoxy, polyester, and silicate resins, use an opaque tube that can withstand the heat or steam used in the curing process.


    A two-ply hose will not stretch and is easier to remove after the curing stage of the CIPP product liner. A single-ply tube offers a lot of stretch but may be more difficult to move after the resin has cured. The amount of stretch you need from the hose depends on the length of the pipe, type of pipe, type of liner, and configuration of the pipe.

    Reusable Versus Disposable

    If you perform a lot of pipe rehabilitation with the CIPP method, you may prefer reusable CIPP lining products. Reusable hoses, such as those made of silicone, offer temperature resistance of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Disposable PVC hoses may be more convenient for work in difficult field conditions.

    A calibration tube ensures a perfect finish to CIPP installations. These hoses and tubes are easy to set up, and their durability ensures excellent performance in harsh field conditions time after time.

    To learn more or for additional product specifications, contact us at Masterliner any time.

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