What to Look for in Fast Cure Resins

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    When customers call you with pipe restoration requests, they’re likely to ask how long the process will take. With a fast cure resin supply from Masterliner, your crew will minimize customer waiting times and deliver lasting results.

    Here are some tips from our technical team on what to look for in a fast curing resin:

    Compatibility With Substrates

    Our CIPP liner resins work with a variety of pipe materials. Before you pick a resin to apply to a liner or pipe, verify its compatibility with the pipe’s or liner’s material. In addition, you may also want to review any humidity or temperature requirements for the resin.

    Maximum Thickness Per Coating

    Thicker layers of epoxy resin lining require more time to cure. We recommend applying the fast curing resin to a 0.25-inch laminate or a 0.125-inch cast. Applying a consistent coating of the resin ensures that it will cure evenly.

    Hardness Development

    Our ambient cure resin offers fast hardness development. We recommend only starting the resin application process when you have absolute certainty that the liner and pipe are ready. The gel-to-peak time is just two to 10 minutes.

    Ease of Application

    When your crew works in tough conditions, the ease of application of the ambient curing resin matters. We designed our rapidly curing resins for easy application. Use a sprayer, or just pour it right into the liner before inserting it. Our resins cover surfaces smoothly without bubbling or making ripples.

    Fast cure resins minimize the waiting time for your crew and your customers. This allows you to assist more clients and satisfy your customers’ needs for prompt restoration of service. Get in touch with us at Masterliner any time to learn more about our ambient resins. You may also inquire about our other products by calling our team or filling out the form.

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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