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    When your customers call about sewer problems, you’ll need to select the best method to rehabilitate the pipe. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation offers a rapid restoration of service, minimal disruption, and cost-effectiveness for nearly all sewer lateral problems. In addition to selecting the right liner, you’ll need a durable, long-lasting resin to cure it.

    At Masterliner, our ambient resins offer the versatility you need for a variety of situations.

    Small Repairs

    We recommend ambient fast cure resin for patch repairs. It’s an affordable way to fix small damaged areas of pipes. Ambient resin is also a great choice for segment repairs.

    Complete Pipe Rehabilitation

    CIPP liner resins also work for fixing entire pipes. The resin bonds with the pipe and prevents additional corrosion, collapse, and cracks.

    Remote Locations

    Damaged sewer lines in remote locations can be difficult to repair with traditional methods. Trenchless rehabilitation with portable equipment and ambient curing resin offer a convenient solution to out-of-the-way properties in need of sewer repairs.

    High-Volume Pipes

    Ambient epoxy resin lining is a great choice for high-volume pipes. Apply it as a cast or a thicker laminate on pipes with corrosion or cracks. It resists damage from acidic, alkaline, or petroleum fluids and gasses.

    Tough Environmental Conditions

    Heavy clay soil, high water tables, and nearby trees, buildings, roads, and bodies of water are no match to our ambient cure resin. Its fast curing time means you can quickly restore service to damaged pipes located in difficult terrain or near obstacles.

    Ambient resins are easy to prepare and use, resist heat and extreme loads and save you and your customers money. Masterliner’s ambient resin products are available in bulk quantities, and you can prepare as much as you need for each day in the field.

    To learn more about these resins or to place an order, contact us today.

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.

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