Why Calibration Hoses Are Beneficial in CIPP

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When you’re in the business of trenchless pipe rehabilitation, you understand that cured-in-place pipe is a long-lasting and trusted method. To ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible, we recommend using a calibration hose during the placement of the liner.

Masterliner offers a range of calibration hoses to suit your residential and commercial plumbing services. Here’s a close look at what it’s so beneficial to CIPP.

Protection for the Liner

During a CIPP installation, the tube protects the liner from abrasion from the pulling head. The tube also keeps the liner in place and prevents it from sticking to itself or getting stuck on any debris, air bubbles, or grease that may remain in the pipe. Once the curing process starts, the tube ensures that the heat or UV energy reaches every nook and cranny of the liner. Proper curing protects the liner from damage and degradation.

Ensure a Perfect Result

The calibration tube delivers perfect results during the CIPP rehabilitation process. If you’re using a resin that requires UV hardening, opaque liners allow for full penetration of the light. Pipes with different diameters, offsets, and large cracks benefit from the use of these hoses, too. The tubes allow a sufficient amount of resin and hardener to bond with the liner.

Take on Tough Projects

Some trenchless rehabilitation projects require you to work in tough conditions. Pairing a disposable hose with your CIPP product liner allows you to quickly finish the work and clear the site. Reusable silicone hoses can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for steam and hot air curing.

Calibration hoses work on drag-in and inversion liners for trenchless pipe rehabilitation projects. You can reuse them many times, making them an economical addition to your selection of CIPP lining products. The disposable hoses offer enhanced convenience for difficult conditions.

To learn more about why calibration hoses are beneficial in CIPP projects, contact us at Masterliner today!

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