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    Heavy-Duty Calibration Hose

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    When performing trenchless pipe repairs using CIPP lining products, often a calibrated hose is needed to complete the job. At Masterliner, we are proud to offer durable calibrating hoses that you can count on for many years.

    Product Overview

    A calibration hose can come in many sizes and configurations; it offers multiple functions for companies and contractors that perform no-dig trenchless repairs.

    Specifications and Features

    When it comes to CIPP installation, rely on a calibration hose from Masterliner. Its specifications are:

    • Diameter: 3” to 18”
    • Negotiate bends up to 45 degrees
    • Use with steam, ambient, or water curing
    • Compatible with epoxy, silicate, vinyl ester, or polyester resin systems

    Application Range

    Our calibration tube products are suitable when you are looking to:

    • inflate liners of any size after installation
    • install inversion liners

    Complement Your Pipe Lining Products And Solutions With A Calibration Hose

    Our calibration hoses are available in a range of sizes to pair with different sizes of liners and pipes. They ensure the accuracy and precision of liner placement. Moreover, they are compatible with all types of CIPP product liner.

    For more details about our calibration hoses or to purchase pipe lining products and solutions online, reach out to us at Masterliner today. We look forward to solving your project needs.

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.