Coated Inversion Liners

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    Coated Inversion Liner

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    A coated inversion liner is an ideal solution for repairing long lengths of pipes. At Masterliner, we have been engineering these liners since 1992. Our products are made to last — they can be customized to meet your exact specifications for your needs.

    About Coated Inversion Liners

    Our inversion CIPP liners are made from polyester felt impregnated with resin. The needle felt-punch staple fabric is specifically designed to bond to the resin and create a chemically resistant liner. The geomembrane ensures the prevention of contamination of the resin and encapsulation of the resin within the felt tube.

    Specifications and Features

    Our inversion styles of CIPP liner products can be customized to your needs. Their specifications are as follows:

    • Melt index: 494 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Thickness range: 1 to 100 mm
    • Curing methods: air and stream
    • Lengths: Custom, up to truck-loads
    • Resin types: Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Styrene Free

    We make these inversion CIPP pipe liners with a stitched seam inner layers and outer layers to ensure it will hold the pressures needed to perform the job. Our hydraulically controlled conveyors perform the wet-out process with static mixers that are electronically monitored.

    Have your own wet-out facility? We sell the dry liners and ship them directly to your shop.

    Technical Benefits of Coated Inversion Liners

    This type of trenchless pipe rehabilitation is resistant to chemicals. It's also resistant to abrasion, heat, and extreme temperatures.

    Our inversion liners are designed for a 50-year life span. We use only the finest felt fibers in the industry.

    Count on Inversion Liners

    We make inversion liner installation easy. Our trustworthy pipe lining products and solutions are easy to use and portable.

    We have nearly 30 years of manufacturing pipe lining products and solutions. We are always innovating new and effective solutions for inversion lining.

    Contact Us Today

    Masterliner takes pride in being the trusted name when it comes to pipe lining manufacturers. To learn more about inversion liners, call us right away. If you would like to purchase online, we offer that also. Whether it is 100ft or truckloads no job is too big or too small.

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    As one of the first manufacturers of cured in place pipeliners in the United States, we look forward to helping your business succeed in this competitive marketplace.